“Heart of Vengeance” Teaser

I am so blessed to have had all of your support and ecstatic that you have enjoyed my books.

Heart of Fire and The Crossroads are in the top 25 for lesbian fiction on Amazon and it is because each of you. Thank you. Here is a teaser for my next book Heart of Vengeance


EDITED LARGER  picture cover for heart of vengence.

Heart of Vengeance

Dawn Carter


“Are you ready to get out of here?” Jamie asked as she eyed the small room which was crowded as women of all shapes and sizes, some wearing leather others dressed casually as they wandered the room looking for a piece of temporary happiness.

“Relax and have a good time,” her roommate Chris answered watching the action.

Slumping on the bar stool Jamie sighed. She used to love hanging out, and the night club used to be a happy place to have fun with her friends, but since she and Sylvia had broken up.  It was as depressing as the women who frequented it, in search of a one night stand.  As lonely as she felt, Jamie was not sure if she could have a night of loveless sex, she had only ever been with one woman, and that was over.  She wasn’t sure if and when she’d be able to move on.

“You want to dance?” Chris faced her and concern instantly filled her when she saw Jamie’s sad look.

“Maybe later, okay?”  Jamie sat unmoved and looked down at the bottle in her hand.

“You have to start living Jamie.”  Chris smoothed her hand over Jamie’s shoulder.  “There’s life after Sylvia.”

“I know, but why does it have to hurt so bad?”

“Because you really loved her that’s why,” Terri interrupted when she heard where the conversation was going.  “You remember how long it took for me to get over Sarah.  More than two years, and it still hurts, but when you get out and start dating again, it hurts less.”  Terri half smiled as she looked from Chris back to Jamie.

“You’re right, but I don’t know how to put myself out there.”

Chris looked at her and smiled.  “Yes you do. Start with the next person to ask you to dance.  Don’t say no, just do it.”

“But what if she’s scary looking?”

Terri and Chris laughed.  “Jamie, then wait for a cute one to ask you but stop telling everyone no.” Terri said shaking her head.

“Oh, fine!” Jamie said, a little annoyed that her friends were pushing her so hard.

The bartender put a fresh beer in front of Jamie and winked.

“I didn’t order that,” Jamie protested and pushed it away.

“I know, but it’s already paid for honey, so you might as well drink up.”  The bartender Crystal said laughing.

With a wry smile, Jamie nodded her head as she looked at Chris who arched her brow.  She took the beer but had no intention of asking who sent it; all she could think about was Sylvia, and all they had shared.  She didn’t care what her friends said; they weren’t there to see the good times she had shared with Sylvia.  Jamie covertly opened her phone again to see if Sylvia had called, but in the past year there was never a single text to say she was sorry.

Jamie didn’t know why she expected to hear from her, and even if Sylvia did contact her she wasn’t sure how she would act, but she missed her.  Jamie couldn’t understand how Sylvia could have hurt her that way; how could she have slept with another woman when her heart was promised to her?  The thought angered her.  Jamie told herself she deserved better, and she was going to get it.  She was tired of hurting, but she was more tired of being alone; Jamie wasn’t lonely – her job kept her busy, but she hated going home lying in the bed alone.  Missing the simple things like pillow talk and waking up in the morning after a wonderful night of sex.

The breakup had been hard on Jamie.  Over the past twelve months, she had been secluding herself and would have protested when her friends begged her to go.  But tonight she had to remind herself many times that it was not about her, it was Terri’s birthday and as miserable as she was she put on a smile and pretended everything was okay.  She confided in Chris that she was worried about bumping into Sylvia, but Chris told her to put on her big girl panties and start living again.

As the night moved forward, Jamie had several more drinks, and she felt free.  She sat upright with her back to the crowd and every now and then, she would eye the women as they passed her.  She cocked her right eye as the same women walked past and would wink.  Jamie knew she looked good in the tight jeans that hugged her hips, and the half cut silk white shirt that only went midway down her torso that brought attention to her golden tan.  She purposely spent extra time fixing her long blonde wavy hair so it would cascade over her shoulders, and with care she applied just the right amount of makeup to bring out her bright blue eyes.

She looked around when her favorite song played wanting to dance, but when she turned around the same woman that had been eyeing her motioned her to the dance floor.  She had no intentions of being pulled into a typical one night stand with anyone, especially not her.  She enjoyed the attention the woman showed her, but as much as she liked it she tried to ignore it.  It had been a year since she and Sylvia broke up, but it still stung like it was yesterday.  She reasoned her first love was going to be hard to get over, but with enough distraction which she could find tonight she would be okay.

A few more songs played, and boredom set in as she sat and watched the other women walk around and flirt with anyone who showed them a moment of attention.  She chuckled to herself, laughing at the desperation in their actions and thinking how unattractive it was.  Jamie eyed the clock on the wall and was getting tired and ready to call it a night, but she had no way home.  She knew the way Chris and Terri were talking and laughing they had no intention of leaving anytime soon.

The door to the club opened wide again, and women piled in one at a time.  She sighed when she saw the same group of women from the swingers club down the street that would come in hoping to find a willing partner to have a threesome.  Her mouth hung open wide when she saw Sylvia walk in, and her heart sank when she saw another woman on her arm.  She wanted to run and hide, but she could not give her the satisfaction of knowing how much she affected her.  As much as her heart hurt, she had to move on.  She reminded herself she was a good looking woman and there had to be at least one woman in the room of approximately forty beautiful women and boi’s that would be easy to pick up.

Jamie looked around the room at her options, across the dance floor stood one of the most handsome boi’s she had ever laid eyes on, she watched as she leaned against the pole and flexed her muscles as other women in the bar walked past her.  Out of the corner of her eye she watched as the woman sipped slowly on her beer.  For the first time in the past year, she was sexually excited, and she had to have this beautiful butch even if it was for just one night.

Chris watched as Jamie turned her head slightly, enough not to be noticed.  She giggled when she turned around to see who she was looking at.

“You like?” she laughed when she looked at Jamie, who smiled shyly.

“She’s hot,” she looked back over her shoulder.  “I wonder who she is.”

Chris arched her eyebrow as she nudged her in the side, “Go ask her to dance.”

“I can’t, what would I say?  Hi my name is Jamie, I am desperate and you are so hot, dance with me and take me home and fuck me all night long?”

“Well I didn’t say all that, but the dance would be a start,” Chris said with a pang of jealousy.

Jamie looked back over her shoulder and tried to hide the apparent smile when she looked at her, but it was too late.  The woman took two steps forward and motioned her to join her on the dance floor.  She could feel her heart race and almost tripped when she jumped off the stool.

“You got this,” Terri said as Jamie smoothed down her shirt and sat her drink down.  “Go get um tiger.”

With a quick glance back at Terri, Jamie smiled.  “I haven’t danced in a while I hope I don’t fall on my ass.”

Terri let out a hearty laugh.  “You got this Jamie, let her lead you.”

“What if she can’t dance then we will both look like idiots.”  The thought of Sylvia seeing her with a woman who only moved her feet worried her.

“Just go, you’ll be fine,” Chris assured her.  “If she doesn’t know how to, show her.  You’re hot on the dance floor.”

Jamie smiled and took the few steps forward, and just as they stood face to face on the dance floor the song ended, and the other women scattered, but she did not release Jamie’s hand.

“My name is Gloria,” she cooed her name which caused a shiver of desire to build within Jamie.  “Let’s Rumba.”  Without a will of her own she fell into step under the woman’s spell as the song started.  There was a connection she hadn’t had with Sylvia as they moved masterfully across the floor.

Jamie’s heart raced, not from the dance but the heat between them.  She didn’t hold back, flipping her hips and pretending she was her lover.  As the song finished another began, this time slow and sensual.  She was ready to walk away but Gloria held on tight and slowly eased her back in her arms.

“You smell so good,” Gloria purred and breathed in the clean scent of freshly washed hair as Jamie laid her head on her shoulder.  The audience cheered, hooting their approval as the two spun around masterfully along the floor.  Jamie’s long legs moved skillfully, and when Gloria spun her around she kept in step and arrived back in her arms as they moved.

Each step seemed rehearsed as each followed the other, anyone who looked would have thought the pair had danced together for years.  When Gloria slid across the floor Jamie followed and always ended back in her arms at the precise moment.

“What’s your name sweetheart?”  Gloria asked as she nibbled on her ear.

Jamie took a deep breath and held on tight.  She had to fight the urge to kiss the women whose body felt so good against her own.  She finally straightened and looked at her.  “Jamie,” she choked out the word.  “My name is Jamie.”

From the corner of her eye Jamie could see Sylvia on the sideline with the rest of the women watching.  She could swear she saw anger in her eyes as she stood with her arms crossed.  The woman who walked in with her stood smiling as if she was oblivious to the history.  As the dance continued Jamie had to fight the urge to look over in Sylvia’s direction.  She had to reassure herself several times that she deserved better, and as Gloria held her she finally knew she was strong enough to put the past behind her.

Cocking her head sideways when she saw Sylvia slumped over and for a second she had to look again.  Jamie realized now she had no idea what it was about Sylvia that attracted her to begin with, she shrugged and looked back towards her dance partner who had been looking at her while she looked at Sylvia.  Feeling awkward when she saw concern in her eyes she smiled and walked across the floor putting more distance between her and her ex.

As soon as the song ended the next song started, Jamie pulled back she needed to get away from this woman who threatened to wake every desire within her.

Gloria held up a finger.  “One more,” she silently mouthed and Jamie nodded, helpless.  She couldn’t refuse her if she tried.

As they spun across the floor, the audience went wild.  A larger crowd gathered, perhaps drawn by the applause.  Jamie blushed but didn’t look away from Gloria’s eyes.  She could tell by the heated gaze that her night was far from over.

Gloria spun her around again, and Jamie took her hand and set her feet deciding to play it back to her for all she was worth.  The moves she made were sensual and meant for Gloria and no one else.  The audience cheered their approval as the dance went on.  At one point, Gloria pulled her so close Jamie could swear she felt a hard bulge pressed against her hip.  It excited her to know Gloria was strapping, she had to ignore the wetness that built between her legs as she imaged the women bending her over one of the nearby tables and fucking her.  She imagined what it would feel like for Gloria to dip her tongue into her and to suck on her clit.  The thought made her nipples erect and ache.

When the song ended Jamie gripped her hand and silently dared her to let go.  When she was sure Sylvia was looking she pulled Gloria to her and kissed her slow, long and deep, greedily devouring her.  For an agonizing moment she refused to let reality into her mind and buried her hand in Gloria’s hair, eagerly allowing her to walk her backwards off the floor.

The audience exploded in wild catcalls, asking for more.  They finally ended their embrace and Gloria slipped her arm around Jamie’s waist, leading her to the bathroom.

Neither spoke.  Then the door to the stall closed and Gloria pulled her into her.  When their lips met again the kiss was romantic and tender, but as it continued it became forceful and desperate.  Gloria slid her hand up Jamie’s shirt and tugged at the bra that harnessed the soft flesh, she was eager to feel.  She pinched the erect nipple between her fingers as she set a series of gentle kisses down her neck.

“I want to feel you,” she said her voice raspy as she took Jamie’s left nipple in her mouth.

The room spun as Jamie leaned up against the door, hard with desire; she glided Gloria’s willing hand down her pants.

“Oh, my God, don’t stop,” Jamie hissed as her fingers entered and stroked in and out.  “Not here.”  She stopped the movement as Gloria unzipped her pants aware that anyone who walked in the room would know what they were doing.

Gloria looked drunkenly into Jamie’s eyes.  The desire that had built unleashed and the need to please Jamie overrode her concerns of where they were.  She stepped back and looked at her, and then to the dirty stall they stood in.  “My place or yours?”

“If it’s okay I would like to go to mine,” Jamie said a little apprehensive.  The fact that she did not know her made feel uneasy, but when Gloria kissed her again and whispered in her ear  how she would go anywhere with her, all her fear slipped away.

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