Heart of Vengeance 2nd Teaser


Heart of Vengeance book cover


I wrote this in Chapter nine and am sharing. This was a fascinating write and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you are interested in other categories/books I have written. The link is above. Happy reading and feedback is always welcome.

“I’m coming, go faster, don’t stop,” Rachel growled needing to feel the release she had harbored for almost a year. She had not had a woman in her arms more or less in her bed since her last lover walked out after they made love. Rachel was so devastated feeling she did not please her that she would avoid contact with women in her local area. She knew she needed experience and this trip was offering her more than she could have ever asked for.

Regretting now that she was leaving the next day, Rachel sighed as she steadied her breathing. But Sylvia was not done, she was thrilled and it made her swell again at the thought of a woman who was willing to let her have her way. Reaching back into the bag, she pulled out an array of devices. The devilish smirk that appeared suddenly across Sylvia’s lips told Rachel she was either in trouble or she was in for a night she would never forget. Either way, she would not object, and if this woman was looking for a sub, she would be just that.

Rachel had read a book by one of her favorite authors on BDSM, and it intrigued her, as she had never met anyone willing to try and the BDSM bath houses scared her after she has seen the whip marks that appeared on her friend Lisa skin after she had only one night in the house, but soon went back for more. She thought her friend was in need of therapy and could not understand why someone would want to be beaten, but Lisa had raved over it and asked Rachel several times to join her.
Wickedly, Sylvia’s gaze grew and the words spoken in a whispered purr as she caressed her hands over Rachel’s small but plump breast, “You have been a bad girl and you need to be punished.”

Wide-eyed Rachel looked down at the clamps unsure what to think. Sylvia’s hands moved to the side of the sensitive breast and with her finger tips she pinched and rolled each nipple making them erect.

Rachel watched as Sylvia tightened the clamps on her nipples. Rachel swallowed hard as she tugged on the chain connected to the clamps, feeling the tension build between her thighs as she pictured her dark red nipples descend.

Adjusted herself as Sylvia continued to carefully attach small weights to each side, she knew she would receive no sympathy from this woman as she grimaced in fascination mixed with horror.

Using her thumb, Sylvia stroked Rachel’s folds, opening them and added to her arousal. The dark pink and glossy silk made her mouth water. What it would be like to taste her, but, Sylvia had to stop herself from ending her journey too soon. She was on a mission to make this woman cry in pleasure and cry out in pain all at the same time, but when she thought about having Rachel over her lap, legs spread, her wet center throbbing for release and ass exposed waiting to be spanked, lust surged through her.

Pulling on the chains and watching as the breasts flattened, Rachel’s pink face turned red as the slight pain shot through her but her terror had yet been exposed until Sylvia pulled out a big rubber flogger and a set of hand cuffs accompanied by a leather whip.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” the words slithered from Sylvia, accompanied by a wicked laugh.

The excitement filled Rachel as she felt the first sting of the leather her skin, and at first it stung, but as Sylvia thumbed her swollen clit, each contact of the leather made her excitement increase. She could feel the pressure build between her legs.
Handcuffed to the bed post, exposed to this woman and all her toys, she watched as Sylvia stepped into a large black strap on. The size made her stomach hurt as she eyed the enormity of it, and the thought of it entering her scared her more than anything, but she was not stopping now. The things this woman did to her caused her body to react in ways she had never experienced before drove her to the edge of insanity and passion.

Sylvia looked down standing over her, and reaching in the bag, she pulled out a scarf and tied it around Rachel’s head ensuring she could not see. Handcuffed and blindfolded and Rachel squirmed unsure if she had made the right choice. Afraid of the dark since childhood, the play and experience would either ruin her for life or cure her of her fear.

She could feel Sylvia move between her legs and she sucked in a deep breath as their flesh connected melting into one. The pain that once shot through her breasts was replaced by pleasure, as Sylvia’s moist lips caressed over the nerves on the tip of her swollen nipples. Slowly at first, she could feel the hard loin enter, and then she cringed as it pushed forth and slammed hard against the back wall. Moving in and out faster causing sensations of heat and pleasure to fill her center, she could feel Sylvia’s hips move in rhythmic motions and was shocked when she realized she was doing the same thing. Moving her hips in the sync with Sylvia’s. Rachel inch up to feel the rubber loin spreading her thighs further apart to feel more. The sensation was nothing like she ever felt before and her clit ached for relief but so did her insides. She throbbed hurt to feel more, and as Sylvia tortured her nipples more, the sensation increased.

Her body ached, her heart pounded, the sensation building and tingling and she was almost there, so close and ready to explode into ecstasy. Pounding in and out harder, Sylvia took the rubber flogger and smacked hard against the hard clit. Crying out in pain and pleasure, Rachel spread her legs further apart to let her slam in harder and faster.

“Again, don’t stop,” Rachel cried needing more.

Sylvia slammed the flogger hard against her clit again and again, knowing that the harder and more frequent she did it, that Rachel would experience the most intense and amazing orgasm she ever had. She knew she was green and it gave her pride to break her in. To take her to a place that old fashion stationary sex would never be good enough. She would never want another pillow princess that would never be enough again. The harder she slammed ready to come herself as she could see Rachel’s chest raise and fall as she pulled on the chains. Whimpers followed by straggling cries stung Sylvia’s ears and she could feel her own body give way to the torturous act. Rachel arched her back and lifted her groin to allow more access as the orgasm filled her then found release causing her entire body to shake as it shot through her.

Slumping down on her knees once she was sure Rachel had felt the end of each shock wave that only she knew she now could only give her. A hold on women she enjoyed knowing they would never find a lover that not only took them to new heights but would keep taking them and never find the thrill with another so amazing.