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Blog Hop Tour

My name is Dawn Carter, author of lesbian fiction.

I’ve been invited to answer these questions by Jesse  Frankel, author, Titles of current titles include   “Twisted” – “ Lindsay Versus the Marauders” and  “ Catnip”. His latest books are listed on his website, and books can be purchased on Amazon.


I love to create a work of art that will forever be in the back of the mind of my readers, long after they have read my books.  I write character-driven stories, written for the lesbian community, but they can be about ANYTHING, from thriller/mystery, contemporary romance, or real life lesbian drama.


Of course, the genre of contemporary lesbian fiction is vast, and there is a great deal of diversity within it. My work is set apart due to the characters and realism. I believe in keeping it real to life. I want to capture the hearts of the reader ( I have had readers share,  they see parts of each character, that they, can relate to)  I also  find it important to get to the bottom of what motivates the characters,  may it be, psychological, physical,  personality, emotions,  or beliefs. Combined it what makes a person, and without it, you have an empty shell. or you can find my listings on  or

In the near future.

I am also branching into children’s literature. There will be more to come with that at a later date.  I am now working on a book in that genre.


What am I working on now?

I’m currently writing “Out OF THE MIST –   The secret” – a standalone novel.

A modern day romance with a twist – Look for the release this fall. 

What happens when two women, from different worlds collide? Jordan Watkins, self-assured, successful attorney, who trusts no one, dates often but believes it is not in her genes to have a successful relationship. All that changes, when she meets, and falls for Angela Gratace, who is still discovering her identity.

Angela did not mind being alone, it came with the territory she had learned in her youth. Keeping to herself was the best option. But, that was before Jordan Watkins walked into her office, and into her heart, turning everything Angela believed in upside down. Thrown into a whirlwind of emotions, Angela is now faced with the dilemma of having to admit she is not only attracted to the young successful attorney, but also women. Struggling with her identity, Angela questions if she is gay, straight or bi-sexual, or just going crazy.

Will she risk everything she believes in, or face her demons, and chose happiness, or die protecting the secrets, lies and betrayal, of a past she tried hard to forget.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I love mystery and thrillers, I write about real life crimes and murders, I also write romance, with real life relationships. My books published are (romantic adventure) “The Crossroads.” (Mystery/thriller) A series or stand along.” Heart of Fire and Heart of Vengeance” Since I am true to my craft, I have had positive feedback, because there are certain experiences that others can find within the genre. I am not afraid of the “TABOO” where some will not cross the line and venture into the REALISTIC REALM.  I am not afraid, and I have found my readers appreciate it over fantasy written fiction

Why do I write what I do?

I just love to write, and I remain true to myself. If I was not comfortable writing with my genre, then I would not. I love thrillers, but I like realistic thrillers. I believe a good read, is one that leaves you thinking and wondering. Could this really happen? That is what I instill in my writing. If I tried to fall out of my love of what makes my heart pound, I would fail. However, I do write romance, and my readers enjoy them, and I enjoy writing them, as long as they are real to life. I do not believe that GIRL meets GIRL and rides off into the sunset. For me that is not realistic.

As I mentioned above, I am branching into Children’s literature. The one I am writing now, still (nameless) is a fantasy write, but, each character is true to life. That at the end of the day is more important to me than anything.


How does my writing process work?

I can be anywhere, or lying in bed, falling to sleep, and something will come to me, so I write it down right away. When I am already writing something, the story tends to write itself. I am the character, I feel what they feel, smell what they smell and taste what they taste. Once I am done writing a book, I have to walk away, and leave it alone for a week. With a new prospective, I read through what I’ve done, than revise. Once I am comfortable, I send it to some trusted people to read it. Once they send it back, I edit more. Once it has been through about six revisions, so I feel comfortable enough to send it to an editor/proofreader.


Who’s next on the blog hop?

I would like to introduce K’Anne Meinel, she is a well known and respected lesbian author and publisher. You can find all her novels on  or visit her publishing website.