Help fight against domestic violence. 40% of my books sales is donated to the cause.



Okay folks, so I was asked again by an organization here in town if I would be willing to donate this quarter. Of course, it is what I do. So, For the rest of this month, July and August. I agreed to donate 40 percent of my book sales to the abused and battered woman and children’s shelter. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NOT JOKE. The organization I am donating too, houses women from all over who need a safe haven from abuse and need help to get back on their feet. So, don’t be shy. Enjoy a wonderful read, help save women and children from returning to their abusive homes, and it is perfect timing since I just released Murder by Proxy. Happy reading.

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Murder by Proxy – New Release – A Mystery Thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.

I just released my new book Murder by Proxy.
If you enjoy lesbian fiction with a strong woman lead. this book is for you.
Lock all your doors and windows, leave the dishes in the sink and get lost between the pages.
Murder by Proxy will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Murder by Proxy

E Book



Suspicious deaths were cropping up all over the city. What seemed like random killings had started to form a much darker and devious plan.
Special Agent Danni Pacelli and Special Agent Parker Stevens have once again teamed up to catch the serial killer. The case which had gone cold and dormant for seven years is now again active and the body count is increasing.
Hidden secrets had caused a rift in not only their working relationship but also their friendship. Diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, Stevens didn’t want anyone to know, so she hid it and continued to work within the agency, but gave up the thrill of the chase. Each day was a challenge as the progressing disease crippled the once athletic and fit agent, and now she was faced with a case she could not ignore. The killer was now taunting her.
Unbeknown to the Special Agent Pacelli, her partner, Annabel Flanery the head of research for the FBI teamed up with Detective Larson of the APD to solve the case. Both hungry for advancement, they were risking not only their careers, but their lives to bring the killer to justice.
Together they found one lead after another and eventually brought in a third party Dr. Jan Lee who specialty was valuable, and everything seemed like it was going well until Jan disappeared.
They were now running out of time to find the doctor, hide their only live witness, and catch the killer.