TROLLS can be someone you know.

Dealing with a Bad Review is never easy, but when the reviewer is a TROLL, or another AUTHOR, it becomes personal.


So, you got a bad review.  No, not just a bad review but a horrible one at that. The reviewer said everything bad about your book, yet there was nothing factual other than the words of hate.  This is now your worst nightmare, you have a TROLL.  You weren’t expecting it, writers rarely do.   The first reaction is disbelief, followed by hurt.  After several moments, anger sets in, not because it was a bad review – this person never read your work.  Swallowing the ugly truth that a person could be allowed to give input and have the final say on your novel is horrifying.

We tell ourselves to ignore this person, and they would go away. After all, you have a dozen or more five stars?  Then it comes to light, you know who left the review.  This was not a reader Per Se, it was a fellow author – one who understands this type of behavior is wrong, yet that person lowered themselves to the level of a TROLL.


Working hard to create a piece of art, may it be book, painting, sculpture or anything else you have poured your emotions into  –  treated as it was one of your own children, then sit helplessly, while someone for whatever purpose, tear it down.

As an author, I have spent all this time locked in my head staring at a blank screen or paper, conjuring imaginary things, and hoping, praying, someone else will care enough to want to read it – then take the few minutes to leave a review.   If the said review gave honest feedback, something an author could learn from, then the sting would be lessened.


Unfortunately, the reason for this rant, the said review, giving a one star, was given by the same person, on several books.  I know this said person, and (he/she) must have forgotten that (he/she) gave one of my books a five star review, and had pointed it out to me at that time.

The point to this.

We as Authors deal with TROLLS, we are used to it – there will always be this type of person who has never read our work, does not know us, but sits behind their computer screen – purposely gives negative feedback on books.  For what?   I’m sure it makes their pathetic life seem much better.  Yet is causes harm to the authors ratings.

As much as an author will say, they do not pay attention to their reviews.  Unfortunately, they are an author’s friend.   Why you ask?    They allow other readers and fans to make the decision if they should or should not purchase the book, which is how the author get’s paid for their time writing the said book. An author does not get into writing to make money, if they believe they will get rich, they are mistaken.  If I did not love to write, would I still write?  Thank goodness I do not have to ask myself that question.  I love the written word, that is why I create works for others enjoyment, and yes, if I make money in the process, fantastic.

Amazon has been gracious enough to not allow the one star to effect my ratings, yet, it is still out there and anyone who reads them will see it.  So, I ask, if you have read a book. Please go, give it a review.






6 thoughts on “TROLLS can be someone you know.

  1. Many authors that I work with run into bad reviews from time to time as well. I think troll is the best name for people like that because I can’t see why someone would deliberately leave a negative, nonsensical review. I agree, Amazon is great at not letting one bad review ruin it for the rest of your reviews, and that is so needed. One day we will find the answer to why they do it lol

  2. Dawn, I completely understand your frustration and I sympathize with you. That said, blog rants like this will get you absolutely nowhere. They just feed the trolls who do pay attention to such things. It’s painful but you must take your lumps and move on. You’re bigger than that and you have books to write.

    Write on my friend. Write on!

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