I am pleased to announce Wicked Publishing in an LLC

A year ago, a friend and I had joked and said, ‘We should start our own publishing business.’  Since then, I had had several people ask me if I was considering it, as they would like to sign with me.  I was told (humbly) that I knew what it took to make things happen, and that I knew how to treat those around me.

Over the past year, my business partner, Shiralyn Lee and I had researched, and had been putting together a plan to make this happen. Shiralyn, like myself is a successful author, she also has a business where she has helped authors whose desire are to self publish. Her knowledge and expertise, along with  my own, will offer all our authors an opportunity to succeed.

That brings me to our legitimizing our company. Early last week, we signed the documents via the attorney, and our application for LLC had been sent off to the Secretary of State. We are now an official licenced publishing company who publishes within the Lesfic arena.

Since the day we signed, we have three authors, who their works have already been submitted and are off to the editor.  We are humbled how quickly our business has been accepted, and we have a great team of editors and illustrators on staff to add to the success of each author.

Shiralyn Lee and myself are the co-owners of Wicked Publishing. You can follow us on Twitter, join our fan page or email us direct.  We will be more than happy to look at your submissions and see if the work fits our genre.

Please keep in mind, if you are submitting.  Please have your work looked over previously by at least 3 beta readers. If you are unsure what a beta reader is, or is in need of guidance on how to obtain one. Please contact myself, or Shiralyn.




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