Ultimate Planet Community Award 2016


Ultimate Planet Community Award 2016

I am honored that my group that I founded and worked so hard to build, has been awarded the Ultimate Planet Community Award.

  Lesbian Book Readers Club


History behind the Lesbian Book Readers Club:

The years previous to starting the group, I had noticed how the community as a whole was segregated.  It reminded me of the Punks versus the Prep’s or in some cases the show Mean Girls.  As authors, we are all in this together, and if we all supported one another it would be a Win Win situation, but until change was made, that would never happen.

That changed in 2013 when I created the Lesbian Book Readers Club.  My intentions were to bring authors and readers together.  To complete this task, it would require interaction.   I did not want it to be like the other groups which offered a place on Facebook for authors to promote.  To me, that was  impersonal, and we needed more, we needed a place where the Readers could get to know the authors on a semi personal level, and the authors are able to learn what the readers want.  That is when I had come up with the Authors Grilling…

What are the Grillings?  It is a weekend, consisting normally of four sessions where the author is put on the hot seat.  This is an interactive environment where the readers have the opportunity to ask the authors various questions.  It is a fun and  interactive environment.  There are fun questions, book giveaways, and many shared stories.  At the end of the GRILLING, a PDF is made for the groups records.  It is available for all the members who work weekends and are unable to attend.

The Grillings are only a portion of what the group provides…  In the file section, there is helpful links for beginning writers who need direction.  A list of active Beta and proof readers for active authors.

Once to twice a year, as a way to show appreciation to our readers, I also arrange a book giveaway. This is where all the authors of the group giveaway a number of books at their desecration.

The Group has grown over the past several years and has become more than what I had envisioned.  I would like to thank each of my amazing admins for their help and contribution as well as each of the members. We would not be as great of a group as we are, without everyone who joined in, made each event awesome, each grilling amazing, and the contribution of helpful information.

In a closing note.  I would like to do a shameless shutout to the Ultimate Planet who supports Lesbian authors and the gay community as a whole.  Thank you.

I had the honor of being short listed for Independent Author Award, and LBQ Book. It was such an honor to fall within that category.

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I want to thank all my friends, family and readers.


2016 keeps getting better and better, I am humbled, speechless and thrilled. 

  1. My first round of amazing news is when my business partner and I had decided to open Wicked Publishing LLC. ( Link ) We have two upcoming promising authors who have amazing stories to share with the world.
  2. The second round of amazing news is when my group Lesbian Book Readers Club was nominated and shortlisted for the Ultimate Planet Award. The award will be given March 20th 2016. More to come when it is awarded.  ( Link )
  3. The Third round of amazing new is when my new book The Awakening was awarded book of the week, and now, BOOK of the month for February. ( Link )

Last year, 2015, I was ready to throw in the towel.  I had had so many discouraging road blocks and other factors that had me questioning everything.

I could go down the list of things, but I refuse to revisit all the negative, and have decided to be grateful for all the wonderful things that are happening now.  I do believe in Karma and as my mother ( RIP ) used to say, you reap what you sew… I had taken her advice to heart and only put out into the universe what I would want to be returned to me tenfold. 

I have learned a lot in the past year.  We all have a story that can be told, but the question is, should we share it.  I say, no, unless it is a story that will help others, that will not cause negativity, that is not only told for selfish gain, or because it will bring attention to something or someone for anything other than attention.

In closing this blog, I want to humbly say thank you to all who has supported me during this trying time and urged me on when I pulled myself from the darkness.