It’s been a while


It’s funny, I love reading blogs, which I do all the time. Yet, my own blog tends to be neglected. I’m not going to make any excuses. Oh, but I could. Let’s do the chuckle list.

To begin, I started back to school. I had this bright idea it would be easy to obtain my Masters in Psychology. Oh boy, was I wrong!  A full load of classes, which I only attend for lectures, so that’s not bad at all, however, it’s a long day. I leave the house at 8 a.m., and return home just after 6 p.m. Yes, it’s a long day, but on the bright side, it’s only two days a week. Right now that is. So, the rational side of me say’s, “I got this. It’s going to be a breeze.”  Coughing and choking on that comment. Here’s the reality. When I get home, I have to read, and this reading, it’s not for pleasure. So, I read during all my free time and write papers that each class requires. Luckily now, I’m down to only 4 papers left to write.  Thank goodness.

When I am not in school, reading textbooks, or writing papers for these classes, I’m taking care of the house and property. Once the daily chores are done, then I can take a little me time. That does not include writing, reading or anything that requires me to use neurons. I’m plopped on the couch watching a show I can either get into or fall asleep watching.

Once I’m rested, then I read for pleasure, or proofread. Pleasure reading right now is quick reads. That is where blogs come in. Thank goodness to all my talented author friends, who blog, often and give me a laugh. I bow to you.

Now, I still fit into my schedule cooking and spending time with Sheba. She’s very demanding at times. When I don’t cuddle and rub her belly, or play with her. She will sit next to me and annoyingly scratch my arm with her paw, or jump on the back of the couch and clean my ears. Gag, puke and eww. I shrug her away and stop what I’m doing because she won’t stop.

As you can see, I could have made a hundred of excuses to get out of blogging, but there’s only one. I forget. No excuse. Lowers head and kicks feet.  Now that I’m aware of neglecting my followers, I will try to do better.

So my blog today is not about excuses, it’s about hope, and who and what brought me to where I am today. The influences in my life and the ones who have encouraged me to be all I could be. I know, it’s sounded like a military commercial. Moving on.

Before I was a twinkle in my parent’s eyes, my Gran and Greatgran inspired my mother.

This is Joyce O’Sullivan, my grandmother, who was a military nurse for the British Military, next to her Annie, my great grandmother who was an aristocrat who befriended several of the Royals in England.

These two strong women were the inspiration to all the women in my family


Here, my mother, Margaret, who was my biggest inspiration. I watched this amazing woman turn a dream into reality. She moved us, meaning myself and my sisters to the United States when we were children. She was a nurse for the first few years at one of the local hospitals, but her dreams pulled her forward. Within three years of living in the Untied States, she purchased commercial property, which included three apartments and a storefront. She turned the store into a successful dog grooming business, Royal K9. In the basement of this building, she opening a dog training school, where she obedience trained dogs as well as attack trained for the Cicero Police Department.


The middle building was our home/business

I had a pretty good childhood. It was filled with running, playing and of course, fighting with my older sister Toni. Boy did she give me a hard time growing up, but it made me stronger and even though I hate to admit it, it’s what gave me my fighting spirit to never give up.

me-and-toniToni on the left and I’m on the right


Of course, there was more than just Toni and I, there is my oldest sister Judy. She is the spitting image of my mom and followed in her footsteps. Judy started off as a nurse, and eventually became a doctor. She lives in England and has three successful clinics. I’m so proud of her, and I look forward to my trip to England this year to spend time with her.

jude-me-toniJudy on left – I’m in the middle – Toni on the right (1985)

1934428_893371757445094_3688622824633302127_nThis was a great time. In order left to right> Me, Judy, Mom, and Toni

Boy how the years go by fast. FastForward!——-> I was discovering who I was and what I wanted.

Working full-time and going to school. I spent all my free time with my friends and family.

meandlisaMe left, my friend/sister, Lisa to the right.
We have been friends for most of our lives and I would walk through fire for her.
The hardest thing I ever had to do was move and leave her behind. But, it was time to take care of the woman who took care of me, my mother. Her health was declining and she needed me. So, I packed up my apartment of ten years and cried the day I left, but no matter how far you live from those you love, you always have a place to go visit.

This was a wonderful day. Lisa came to visit, and we had a wonderful time.
Brandon in the front, my oldest Angela left, Lisa right and me in the back.

This was our visit to the Big Texan, Brandon my son, he thought the bear was going to eat him at first. Lisa was the one taking the picture, I’m surprised it was not fuzzy because she was laughing.

Fast forwarding—————-> My children have grown so much. I’m proud

Brandon and Gabby—————————–Brandon’s concert

Through my journey, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family and friends who even though they are not blood-related, they are nevertheless, my family.

Me and Lisa, the traveling back and forth. Love our memories.

If I didn’t have this group of crazy friends, I would not have stayed in Texas. Thank you all so much for keeping me grounded.

Through this journey I call life, I’m elated to be able to wake up each day and know that I am blessed. I hope you enjoyed my journey through life. See, I’m not making excuses. I have the best life anyone could ask for. Even though I’ve had my bumps in the road and mountains to climb, I am forever humbled.


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