MT. Capulin adventure

Life is so busy and it’s so easy to become stale in our existence.  My mother once told me to never forget to LIVE. When she passed away, those words echoed in my mind and pushed me to stop, smell the roses, and appreciate what life has to offer.

At least once a month, I take off, destination unknown until that day or until I’m behind the wheel of my car.

My latest trip was to MT. Capulin, in New Mexico. It is approximately 200 miles from where I live in Amarillo.


To get to the rim, it’ a 16-minute drive to the top, cliff edge to the right, driving at 20 miles per hour. It’s not for the weak person. The drive up is nerve wracking.

When you first drive the long road up the path, there is a visitors center. It has several local artists jewelry, canning goods and other memorabilia. Once you reach the top, there are posts located as you see above, describing the land and how the mountain hand exploded and then became extinct.

11These little signs are posted along the path. So, if you like plants, it will give you and education of the local foliage.


There I am, at the top, this is before I decided to become brave and walk around the rim. See that smile? It fades halfway through.


Did you read above? Yeah, this is my walking real slow, then finding a spot along the way to rest. It’s all uphill. You feel muscles in your legs that you didn’t know you had.

Okay, so here I am, working downhill. It’s not so bad on the legs. Even Sheba was happy. She got tired going up and jumped in my arms so I would carry her.

What’s great about road trips is what you see along the way.  There are always those little stops that are just as fascinating.

Such as these two beauties.

Along the stretch of road going up to MT. Capulin, on the right side of the road, there is a farm with cows and horses. The walking steaks act as if they own the road, and you have to wait for them to move. The are horses fenced in and when we approached, they all approached. They enjoyed being pet and talked to and the intimacy they showed one another, is something most human animals have never experienced. Just beautiful.

I saw much more, but I don’t want to ruin it all for you. What are you waiting for? Go, you’ll love it.



Climbing another mountain

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The big 50

I’m sitting here reflecting over the years that seem to have just flown by. I’ve noticed over the past ten years, I’ve become more aware of growing older. Yet, when I think further back, it goes much further. I recall turning 25 and feeling old because I was a quarter of a century old. Then upon my 30th birthday, my best friend, Lisa through me a surprise birthday party. I recall walking in the house and dozens of people cheered as I rounded the corner. I did the unthinkable. I turned and walked out. I didn’t leave, but I was not in the mood to celebrate leaving my 20’s. Holy cow, it occurred to me then,  I felt suddenly old. I guess it didn’t help that the tv series, 30 something, was still airing, and I watched how they made the decade they were in seem dreadful.
Speaking of decades, another passed and I found myself suddenly 40. Wow, 40 years old. Yet I was still passing for my 20’s so, I really didn’t care, but as the years climbed higher the number really started to bother me.

Well, I’m about to climb another hurdle. I will be turning 50 on the 25th of Jan. Holy cow, when did that happen? I don’t feel 50, I still feel like I was in my 20s.  Yet, in the back of my mind, I’m taken aback. I guess didn’t think about it, I was young, in fact, I think I felt immortal. I knew I had years ahead of me and I was having a good time.

During this time, I took everything so serious. Everything was rushed and drama filled.  I don’t feel like that anymore. I am more patient, relaxed, I take things in stride. I’m more rational in my thinking and can put myself in other’s shoes.  This getting older is not all that bad.

On the plus side. I’ve been blessed with good skin, so the lines that have reared, are not deep. But I still wonder how long it will be before that changes. It really shouldn’t matter right?  I know in ten years, the little things I stress over now, I won’t then. I can say with conviction, my likes, desires, and tastes keep changing over time.  Again, this getting older is not a bad thing.

However, just so you know, I’ve been 28 for years, and I’m sticking to it. This is the first time I’ve publically said my real age. I guess I’ve been a little superficial. Well, maybe a lot superficial. But in my defence, I’m all girl, so my looks and body image are important to me. I look in the mirror and as crude as this may sound, it’s how I think. When I look in the mirror, I look at myself with a critical eye, and when I’m at my best, I’ve said, “Yeah, I’d have sex with her.” However, my weight does fluctuate, only by ten pounds, but during that gain, I don’t like to look at myself in the full-length mirror.  Does that make me vain?  Yes, but if I’m not happy with who I am and what I look like. How can I expect others too?  I know how we reflect mood and image, it impacts how other see us. It is what it is. I will never be perfect. I am my own worst critics.

In 15 days, I say goodbye to my 40’s and I think this is the first time in my life. I’m okay with that. Age is just a number.

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Flashback is now available

Flashback is now available.

Wicked Publishing



Night after night, experiencing a reoccurring dream, Spencer Avery, a rational thinker starts to question whether love can transcend the test of time.

Constantly plagued by the vision of the same woman, someone who seems so real, she finds herself falling in love with her. With her heart ruling her head, Spencer sets out to find answers, and what she discovers when she travels across the Pacific Ocean will change her life forever.

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A Thanksgiving and birthday Celebration.

18 was so long ago but feels like yesterday.

It’s Thanksgiving, and as each year passes, my heart has healed just that much more. It’s more than turkey day for me. This day had held another meaning. It was Patty, my first loves birthday. She used to say, I get the best birthday dinner. It was such a buildup for her. Her mother Rose, she did a great job each year to make sure Patty never felt cheated. At the end of the meal, she would pull out a pecan pie with candles. Patty’s favorite, then the festivities shifted to a birthday party.

Patty once told me. It’s always hard to get people to go to birthday parties, but everyone joins in on Thanksgiving. So, I get the best of both worlds.

Her outlook was so refreshing, even today as I think about it. It was her outlook that had me hooked, the reason I fell so madly in love with her. We would be preoccupied but that did not stop how we celebrated the time we were gifted with.  I loved the way, went passing her in the hall, she would take me by the hand, and we would slow dance. There was no music, at least none that you could hear. But my heart sang a melody and her eyes played the tune.

When Patty died, Thanksgiving had lost its meaning. For so many years, I celebrated it without thinking. Thinking meant missing her. So, here we are today, thirty years since she passed away. I’m smiling as I cook, basking in the preparation of the food to be served. I will still wish her a happy birthday, but the pain is now gone. I will always miss her, but it’s time to allow myself to be happy on days such as this.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and happy birthday Patty.

This song befits the memory and the loss, but the future that still lies, unknown.



What do you do when you have the same reoccurring dream each night? That’s what Spencer Avery, questioned. A rational thinker, she started to question whether love could transcend the test of time.


Constantly plagued by the vision of the same woman, someone who seems so real, she’s finds herself falling in love with her. With her heart ruling her head, Spencer sets out to find answers, and what she discovers when she travels across the Pacific Ocean will change her life forever.
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It’s been a while


It’s funny, I love reading blogs, which I do all the time. Yet, my own blog tends to be neglected. I’m not going to make any excuses. Oh, but I could. Let’s do the chuckle list.

To begin, I started back to school. I had this bright idea it would be easy to obtain my Masters in Psychology. Oh boy, was I wrong!  A full load of classes, which I only attend for lectures, so that’s not bad at all, however, it’s a long day. I leave the house at 8 a.m., and return home just after 6 p.m. Yes, it’s a long day, but on the bright side, it’s only two days a week. Right now that is. So, the rational side of me say’s, “I got this. It’s going to be a breeze.”  Coughing and choking on that comment. Here’s the reality. When I get home, I have to read, and this reading, it’s not for pleasure. So, I read during all my free time and write papers that each class requires. Luckily now, I’m down to only 4 papers left to write.  Thank goodness.

When I am not in school, reading textbooks, or writing papers for these classes, I’m taking care of the house and property. Once the daily chores are done, then I can take a little me time. That does not include writing, reading or anything that requires me to use neurons. I’m plopped on the couch watching a show I can either get into or fall asleep watching.

Once I’m rested, then I read for pleasure, or proofread. Pleasure reading right now is quick reads. That is where blogs come in. Thank goodness to all my talented author friends, who blog, often and give me a laugh. I bow to you.

Now, I still fit into my schedule cooking and spending time with Sheba. She’s very demanding at times. When I don’t cuddle and rub her belly, or play with her. She will sit next to me and annoyingly scratch my arm with her paw, or jump on the back of the couch and clean my ears. Gag, puke and eww. I shrug her away and stop what I’m doing because she won’t stop.

As you can see, I could have made a hundred of excuses to get out of blogging, but there’s only one. I forget. No excuse. Lowers head and kicks feet.  Now that I’m aware of neglecting my followers, I will try to do better.

So my blog today is not about excuses, it’s about hope, and who and what brought me to where I am today. The influences in my life and the ones who have encouraged me to be all I could be. I know, it’s sounded like a military commercial. Moving on.

Before I was a twinkle in my parent’s eyes, my Gran and Greatgran inspired my mother.

This is Joyce O’Sullivan, my grandmother, who was a military nurse for the British Military, next to her Annie, my great grandmother who was an aristocrat who befriended several of the Royals in England.

These two strong women were the inspiration to all the women in my family


Here, my mother, Margaret, who was my biggest inspiration. I watched this amazing woman turn a dream into reality. She moved us, meaning myself and my sisters to the United States when we were children. She was a nurse for the first few years at one of the local hospitals, but her dreams pulled her forward. Within three years of living in the Untied States, she purchased commercial property, which included three apartments and a storefront. She turned the store into a successful dog grooming business, Royal K9. In the basement of this building, she opening a dog training school, where she obedience trained dogs as well as attack trained for the Cicero Police Department.


The middle building was our home/business

I had a pretty good childhood. It was filled with running, playing and of course, fighting with my older sister Toni. Boy did she give me a hard time growing up, but it made me stronger and even though I hate to admit it, it’s what gave me my fighting spirit to never give up.

me-and-toniToni on the left and I’m on the right


Of course, there was more than just Toni and I, there is my oldest sister Judy. She is the spitting image of my mom and followed in her footsteps. Judy started off as a nurse, and eventually became a doctor. She lives in England and has three successful clinics. I’m so proud of her, and I look forward to my trip to England this year to spend time with her.

jude-me-toniJudy on left – I’m in the middle – Toni on the right (1985)

1934428_893371757445094_3688622824633302127_nThis was a great time. In order left to right> Me, Judy, Mom, and Toni

Boy how the years go by fast. FastForward!——-> I was discovering who I was and what I wanted.

Working full-time and going to school. I spent all my free time with my friends and family.

meandlisaMe left, my friend/sister, Lisa to the right.
We have been friends for most of our lives and I would walk through fire for her.
The hardest thing I ever had to do was move and leave her behind. But, it was time to take care of the woman who took care of me, my mother. Her health was declining and she needed me. So, I packed up my apartment of ten years and cried the day I left, but no matter how far you live from those you love, you always have a place to go visit.

This was a wonderful day. Lisa came to visit, and we had a wonderful time.
Brandon in the front, my oldest Angela left, Lisa right and me in the back.

This was our visit to the Big Texan, Brandon my son, he thought the bear was going to eat him at first. Lisa was the one taking the picture, I’m surprised it was not fuzzy because she was laughing.

Fast forwarding—————-> My children have grown so much. I’m proud

Brandon and Gabby—————————–Brandon’s concert

Through my journey, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family and friends who even though they are not blood-related, they are nevertheless, my family.

Me and Lisa, the traveling back and forth. Love our memories.

If I didn’t have this group of crazy friends, I would not have stayed in Texas. Thank you all so much for keeping me grounded.

Through this journey I call life, I’m elated to be able to wake up each day and know that I am blessed. I hope you enjoyed my journey through life. See, I’m not making excuses. I have the best life anyone could ask for. Even though I’ve had my bumps in the road and mountains to climb, I am forever humbled.


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We are proud to announce, Nancy Tyler Glenn has joined the Wicked Publishing family.

I loved the book Clicking Stones. The new generation of readers will love it just as much.

Wicked Publishing

Nancy Tyler Glenn, author of Clicking Stones, which was first released in 1989 has joined theWicked Publishing family.


Coming soon, the rerelease of Clicking Stones, updated version.

clicking stones cover

Also in her list of books coming soon, The Book People. Nancy is an accomplished author, whose words paint a picture, drawing you in, playing like a movie in your mind.


Nancy Tyler Glenn was born in Los Angeles, California in 1938 to a lesbian mother and gay father. Of herself she says, “I spent my childhood reading, hiking, and bringing home stray kittens. I learned what I know about form and spiritual surfing at Instant Theatre from my mentor-tormentor, performance artist Rachel Rosenthal.

Now retired, I have earned a living as a body worker, producer, researcher, bookkeeper, teacher, and a hundred other things. I have an uncommon love for horses, artists, and cats – especially the wild…

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Ultimate Planet Community Award 2016


Ultimate Planet Community Award 2016

I am honored that my group that I founded and worked so hard to build, has been awarded the Ultimate Planet Community Award.

  Lesbian Book Readers Club


History behind the Lesbian Book Readers Club:

The years previous to starting the group, I had noticed how the community as a whole was segregated.  It reminded me of the Punks versus the Prep’s or in some cases the show Mean Girls.  As authors, we are all in this together, and if we all supported one another it would be a Win Win situation, but until change was made, that would never happen.

That changed in 2013 when I created the Lesbian Book Readers Club.  My intentions were to bring authors and readers together.  To complete this task, it would require interaction.   I did not want it to be like the other groups which offered a place on Facebook for authors to promote.  To me, that was  impersonal, and we needed more, we needed a place where the Readers could get to know the authors on a semi personal level, and the authors are able to learn what the readers want.  That is when I had come up with the Authors Grilling…

What are the Grillings?  It is a weekend, consisting normally of four sessions where the author is put on the hot seat.  This is an interactive environment where the readers have the opportunity to ask the authors various questions.  It is a fun and  interactive environment.  There are fun questions, book giveaways, and many shared stories.  At the end of the GRILLING, a PDF is made for the groups records.  It is available for all the members who work weekends and are unable to attend.

The Grillings are only a portion of what the group provides…  In the file section, there is helpful links for beginning writers who need direction.  A list of active Beta and proof readers for active authors.

Once to twice a year, as a way to show appreciation to our readers, I also arrange a book giveaway. This is where all the authors of the group giveaway a number of books at their desecration.

The Group has grown over the past several years and has become more than what I had envisioned.  I would like to thank each of my amazing admins for their help and contribution as well as each of the members. We would not be as great of a group as we are, without everyone who joined in, made each event awesome, each grilling amazing, and the contribution of helpful information.

In a closing note.  I would like to do a shameless shutout to the Ultimate Planet who supports Lesbian authors and the gay community as a whole.  Thank you.

I had the honor of being short listed for Independent Author Award, and LBQ Book. It was such an honor to fall within that category.

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I want to thank all my friends, family and readers.


2016 keeps getting better and better, I am humbled, speechless and thrilled. 

  1. My first round of amazing news is when my business partner and I had decided to open Wicked Publishing LLC. ( Link ) We have two upcoming promising authors who have amazing stories to share with the world.
  2. The second round of amazing news is when my group Lesbian Book Readers Club was nominated and shortlisted for the Ultimate Planet Award. The award will be given March 20th 2016. More to come when it is awarded.  ( Link )
  3. The Third round of amazing new is when my new book The Awakening was awarded book of the week, and now, BOOK of the month for February. ( Link )

Last year, 2015, I was ready to throw in the towel.  I had had so many discouraging road blocks and other factors that had me questioning everything.

I could go down the list of things, but I refuse to revisit all the negative, and have decided to be grateful for all the wonderful things that are happening now.  I do believe in Karma and as my mother ( RIP ) used to say, you reap what you sew… I had taken her advice to heart and only put out into the universe what I would want to be returned to me tenfold. 

I have learned a lot in the past year.  We all have a story that can be told, but the question is, should we share it.  I say, no, unless it is a story that will help others, that will not cause negativity, that is not only told for selfish gain, or because it will bring attention to something or someone for anything other than attention.

In closing this blog, I want to humbly say thank you to all who has supported me during this trying time and urged me on when I pulled myself from the darkness.