What is all the fuss? Murder by Proxy and Forever Yours.

Murder by Proxy             &                    Forever Yours

This is what my readers are saying about Forever Yours and Murder by proxy.


Forever Yours

Forever Yours caught my interest because I’m a motorcycle rider, so I started reading your book. It was an evening at one of my pool parties. I have to say, at first I was thinking, I’m not into paranormal kind of reading so do I really want to read this? Heck I’m not really into reading at all. Very few things keep my attention. So WTH, I open the book and begin to read. I had friends saying, hey sexy lady, what’s so darn good in that book that keeps your attention from us ladies in bikinis. Get in the pool with us Wolfy. I lol and say WOW, this book is damn good. I’ll get in the pool later ladies. I can’t seem to put this amazing book down. Much to my surprise, it kept my attention, yeah this paranormal story-line of a woman killed in a motorcycle accident and her lover who cannot seem to let go. How she can strongly feel her presence even after death. How difficult it can be to move on and find new love. It’s like being unfaithful, when your heart still belongs to another. The heart does not know the difference in knowing one has left this world or has just plain left. It still longs, it desires and that is something that cannot be helped or denied. Taylor loved and will always love Raven. Raven even after death cannot leave what is so precious to her behind. The way you made Ravens spirit good yet with a little bad side to her. I loved the fact that she took her emotion of jealousy with her after death. The way Taylor could not let go. The feelings of guilt. The afterlife? I kind of felt like this book was as good as the movie Ghost. It was Emotional, Happy and yet oh so Sad. It lets us know that Love is endless and It lives Forever. Dawn Carter, I have to say, this is my favorite book from you so far. I loved it. Your writing exceeded my expectations on this one. I recommend this book to all you readers, you will not be disappointed. I SURE WASN’T

~Emily Valdez

It’s a novella, so a shorter read, but a very memorable one. A true love, a paranormal twist, the kind of story that touches your heart and stays with you. I would recommend this read to anyone, lesbian or not. There should be more writers that grab your attention and keep you hooked, thinking about it way after finishing the book. Until I find more, I will continue to read Dawn’s books. If you are wanting a new author to add to your reading list, check out this book first, you won’t be disappointed.

~Jeannie Cooper

Wow!!! What more can I say about Dawn Carter as an author…you’re an awesome writter…Forever Yours was so addicting and I couldn’t put it down…you have a way of pulling your readers into your world of writing and make them almost believe that your within the plot of the book…you can just wrap yourself up into book and forget everything around you…love reading you books Dawn Carter..keep up the great work…looking good forward to your next one…


What romantic doesn’t like a good love story? Forever Yours is surely one of them as Dawn weaves a great tale of love and loss, broken hearts and love anew. All relationships can be complicated, whether between lovers, friends or parent and child. Dawn is good at building the growing rapport between the characters and the intricate balances…and sometimes imbalances that occur and she achieves just the right tone. This book was just what I needed this week. Couldn’t put it down and stayed up until the wee hours or the morning to finish it. The paranormal aspect added an extra dimension and depth that I loved.

~Sharlie Mello

Murder by Proxy

This book, Murder by Proxy, was the last one I read, and truly not my chosen genre and still, I was captivated by the characters. Dawn’s ability to bring the reader into the story made me feel connected with solving the crimes, intertwined with the characters and leaving me filled with anticipation. Dawn writes a story needing to be told, not full of fluff or descriptions that go on and on, a very enjoyable read with nicely developed characters. I am happy to have found books I enjoy and can recommend.

~Jeannie Cooper

Dani and Annibel’s story continues. Parker and Sam go to the next step with a surprise or two during the course of the book. We also see two new characters that could easily become spin-off stories. It’s a good addition to the series. Looking forward to seeing what’s next for our favorite agents. This is a series of books and I do recommend you read the first three before reading this title.


The struggle with demons, brutal serial killers, old and new interesting characters, love, new life, it has it all. This kept my interest and I wanted to know what would happen next. There was never a dull moment. I highly recommend this book, you’ll love it.