First Five Star Review “Heart of Vengeance”

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I feel so honored that I received my first five star review.

Oh I have to share this because I am so proud. Recently released and the first 5 star review came in.

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I loved the book from the first page, I couldn’t put the book down. This book is a sequel to Heart of Fire. If you haven’t read the first book, you have to read it first. I will tell if you’re looking for a good cop drama, this is the book, however it is graphic. The story follows the lives of Annabel, Danni and Stevens. Danni and Stevens are FBI agents and Annabel is a cop (whom is very good a digging up information).The story is based on a killer that stalks lesbian’s, torture’s and kills the women. Dawn left this book open for another book,I look forward to the sequel if Dawn does write it. I would recommend this book as well Dawn’s other books, I haven’t been disappointed with her books

New Release. Heart of Vengeance

hov book jacket


I am proud to announce that Heart of Vengeance is available.

A serial killer plagues the gay community and leaves a trail of dead bodies across state lines. Agent Danni Pacelli and Agent Parker Stevens rush against time to catch their killer and stop the body count from increasing. 
Agent Parker Stevens life was perfect when transferred to a new city and new location which offered her solitude from the grief of losing her partner and children to a predator. But, while hunting down her suspect, she meets Samantha Petrino who takes the once closed off Stevens and opens a world to new love. The charming advertising agent breaks down her defenses, and no matter how hard she fights to protect her heart, she finds herself falling for the beautiful and intelligent woman. 
New to the FBI, Agent Danni Pacelli’s struggles to balance her personal life along with the job, to save her relationship, she convinces her new partner to bring in Annabel and utilize the young detective’s skills to track down their killer or risk losing Annabel all together. 
The heroic efforts of two agents who hunt down a serial killer, but find more than they bargained for.

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